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Cispus Recovery

Posted on 30th May 2014 at 16:50

Lewis County Sheriff Steve Mansfield says that it’s a waiting game in the effort to locate and recover the body of five year-old Drake Ostenson of Tacoma, as water levels in the Cispus River need to drop. Mansfield says that they think they have located the body, hung up in a log jam about a mile downstream from where the boy went in over the weekend, but the river is running too high and fast to safely attempt a recovery. Mansfield says that the anticipated warmer weather will only raise the river, not lower it, so they plan to monitor the area and check the water gauges regularly, also planning to bring in another helicopter and crews for another search next week. Ostenson has been missing since the Memorial Day weekend, when he apparently fell into the river while riding a motorcycle near the family campsite.