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Civic Circle, Too

Posted on 27th June 2014 at 16:08

Longview city staff will also be undertaking the development of a “scope of work” to study traffic flows around the Civic Circle, at the suggestion of City Council members Tom Hutchison and Chet Makinster, looking to adjust the changes made in 2012. Makinster says that they can’t be afraid to do the right thing, even if it means going back to the way things were before…circletraffic…A number of citizens also spoke on this topic, most of them also upset with the traffic flow changes that were made. Hutchison says that it looks like there have been some safety improvements with those changes, but also says that other problems have increased, saying that he got rear-ended last week while driving around the Civic Circle. Hutchison and Makinster’s motion to re-establish two lanes of entry into the Circle on Washington Way passed on a 4-2 vote, also with the directive that this situation be monitored, so that other adjustments can be made in the future if they’re needed.