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Clam Monitoring

Posted on 29th September 2017 at 08:42

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says that they need one more clean test before they can light the green light for next weekend’s pending razor clam dig. WDFW Shellfish Manager Dan Ayres says that they had hoped they could announce the dig earlier this week, but they’ve started to see rising levels of the algae that leads to domoic acid contamination. Ayres says that they hope to be able to make an announcement by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Right now, they’re projecting that digs will take place next Friday and Saturday, with digging to be allowed on the evening tides.

On the north Oregon Coast, they plan to re-open the beaches for razor clam digging on Sunday, but you’ll have to get up early. The low tide Sunday morning is at 5 am; Oregon Fish and Wildlife also says that projected clam populations are down substantially. Get more information from the agency in your state.