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Clatskanie PUD Settlement

Posted on 17th June 2014 at 15:50

Two women who claim that they were sexually harassed while working at the Clatskanie PUD are splitting a settlement of $1.3 million, settling a lawsuit that they had filed against the utility. Details about the case involving the former #2 man at the Clatskanie PUD are published in this morning’s Daily News; Joe Taffe allegedly groped Elisha Shulda, 33, of Clatskanie and Gail Ratkinich, 61, of Scappoose in March of 2011. After the women complained, they say that then-General Manager Greg Booth not only condoned the behavior, he retaliated against the women by transferring them to other jobs, taking away responsibilities and eventually forcing them out of their jobs. Shulda and Ratkinich filed federal lawsuits last year, but the settlement was reached last month. Both Taffe and Booth have left the utility; Booth still disputes the women’s version of events, while Taffe has declined to comment. Last year, he did plead guilty to two counts of harassment, connected to his admission that he had inappropriately touched four female employees at the PUD, including Shulda and Ratkinich.