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Clatskanie Schools

Posted on 11th April 2018 at 09:20

The Superintendent of the Clatskanie School District is announcing that he’s taking medical leave, due to the stress that he’s enduring through the recall effort that’s under way involving two school board members. In the e-mail that was released yesterday morning, Lloyd Hartley says that “there is a situation that has clearly divided the community,” a situation that he says is “very stressful, difficult and painful for people on all sides.” Hartley says that he was “advised” to take medical leave, because of the “adverse health effects.” Hartley says that they are in touch with the Educational Service District that serves Columbia County to get some administrative support. Hartley says that he hopes to get his health situation stabilized as soon as possible, so that he can return to work.

Personnel records for embattled Clatskanie Elementary School Principal Brad Thorud are also being released. The Daily News says that they are one of three media outlets that are being allowed to see the records; TDN reports that Thorud had “mostly-glowing evaluations” in his file, but they also report that Thorud was banned from the Clatskanie Middle School campus, after he allegedly threatened the principal of that school. A second complaint involves a teacher at the Elementary School, who was placed on administrative leave in 2016. They say that at least one member of the Clatskanie School Board says that the reprimand for the threat was a major reason for not renewing Thorud’s contract. One member of the School board has resigned, and two others are facing a May 1st recall election over the rejection of a new contract for Thorud.