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Coal Terminal Brief

Posted on 17th May 2018 at 06:34

The list of groups that are asking to be involved in the Millennium Bulk Terminals lawsuit against the State of Washington continues to grow, as the Association of American Railroads files a “Friend of the Court” brief. Today’s Daily News reports on this most recent filing in the federal court case, claiming that Washington illegally based its decisions to deny permits for the terminal, based on the growth in rail traffic that the terminal would generate. The brief claims that “regulation of rail transportation by Washington is not permitted,” either by direct or indirect action. AAR contends that Washington is trying to dictate what kind of products can be carried by train; the brief contends that federal law bars the states from trying to regulate existing rail networks. It’s noted that coal transport made up 32 percent of all tonnage on railways in the United States, which makes coal the largest train-transported commodity by a large margin. Defendants claim that they’re trying to regulate the export terminal, not the railways. A hearing on a motion for partial dismissal is currently set for May 30th.