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Cold and Slick

Posted on 24th February 2011 at 09:18

The “snowmageddon” that had been predicted for the Kelso-Longview area didn’t materialize, but we did get a dusting of snow in the metro area overnight, and light snow continues to fall off and on this morning. The Weather Service is continuing a Winter Storm Warning for the local area through 10 pm tonight, saying that snow showers will continue through the day and into the evening. While the lowlands didn’t get all that much snow, the hills did get several inches. Lower-level roads are mostly bare, but there could be light coverings of snow, slush or ice. There have already been a number of minor car crashes reported this morning, so roads could be slick. Temperatures have dropped below freezing, and today’s high isn’t expected to get up above freezing. Drivers will need to exercise extra care not only on the morning commute, but all around the area for the next couple of days. The snow is expected to dwindle away, but extremely frigid air is moving in behind that, with overnight lows in the teens expected tonight and tomorrow night. With the snow, cold and road conditions, local schools are making adjustments.