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Cold Case Review

Posted on 14th January 2014 at 16:58

The remains of Cowlitz County’s only remaining unidentified cold case are now in the hands of a forensic anthropologist in King County, who will attempt to reconstruct the face of the woman that was killed in a fiery car crash back in 1991. In May of that year, the unidentified woman and the driver of the semi that she was riding in were killed when the truck crashed and burst into flames. During the investigation, it was learned that the woman was NOT an authorized passenger; the fire also destroyed any identification she may have been carrying. She was buried in Longview, and remained there until last week, when her remains were exhumed from Longview Memorial Park and Cemetery. The State Patrol says additional follow-up is planned after the facial reconstruction, which will take several weeks. WSP is contacting the University of North Texas, which will attempt to extract DNA, then will enter those results in a national database. Following that, the remains will come back to the Cowlitz County Coroner’s Office, where they’ll be kept in hopes of connecting with a family member.