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Cold Damage

Posted on 10th December 2013 at 16:57

The bitter cold is causing some significant damage around the area. City of Longview Water Department crews are working to repair a four-inch water line that broke last night in the 29 hundred block of Laurel Road. The break was reported around 11:50 pm, with water running down the roadway. Flares were set out as the utility crews were called in. It’s not known how long the repairs will take.

Classes are shut down today at Three Rivers Christian School in Kelso, due to a broken water pipe. The broken pipe was discovered yesterday afternoon, so all of their facilities are closed today, including the Child Development Center, the Elementary School and the High School.

They’re dealing with what’s being called “significant damage” at Parker’s Restaurant in Castle Rock, due to a broken water pipe. Just after 7 pm last night, the folks at the Mt. St. Helens Motel relayed a report of “water in the walls” at Parker’s. The restaurant owners responded and reportedly found that a pipe in the ceiling had burst, flooding the dining area with water, also pouring into the walls. The damage to the walls is being called “severe.” There’s no dollar estimate on the damage as of yet.