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Cold Snap

Posted on 2nd December 2013 at 17:08

The rain and wind is subsiding, but we now need to get ready for the cold. The Weather Service says that a cold front moved over the area last night, the leading edge of a push of arctic air from the north. Forecasters say that today’s high temperature actually was registered early this morning, and they say that the thermometer will continue to fall through the day. We’ll have some showers, but the snow level is only expected to drop to about 1,500 feet. Tonight’s low is expected to be in the mid-20’s, while tomorrow’s high is predicted at only 36 degrees. The Weather Service says that high temperatures through the rest of the week will struggle to get above freezing, with overnight lows down around 20, or even into the teens. This is a dry system, with little chance of snow expected, though they do say that there could be a slight chance late in the week.

Ski resorts in the region are rejoicing, however, as heavy snow is falling in the Cascades this morning. Mount Hood Meadows, along with other ski areas on Mount Hood. White Pass is yet to open, waiting for an adequate base to build up.