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Columbia County Operation

Posted on 11th July 2014 at 16:02

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office reports making 15 arrests in connection with one of its largest tactical operations in recent years, with nearly three dozen officers from local, state and federal agencies fanning out across several locations to make these arrests. Columbia County Sheriff Jeff Dickerson says that this is just one part of an ongoing investigation into numerous burglaries that have taken place in the Saint Helens area in the past few months. Dickerson says that they developed a long list of “persons on interest,” hitting locations all around the south county to locate these people and make arrest. The sweep started in the Rainier area, and then moved to 25 separate addresses during this dragnet. St. Helens Police Chief Terry Moss says that this was a situation where law enforcement couldn’t “sit around and wait.” He says that not all of these people are directly involved in the burglary spree, but he says that their criminal activity did contribute to those break-ins. Moss and Dickerson say that this investigation is continuing, with the arrest sweep opening up new evidence and witnesses. Additional arrests are expected. If you can help out with this case, get in touch with Columbia County Dispatch at 503-397-1521.