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Copper Theft

Posted on 13th March 2014 at 16:17

It turns out that copper thieves were the reason for KLOG Radio to be off the air for several hours yesterday, the third such theft at local radio stations in the past few weeks. The station was off the air early yesterday morning, and the station’s engineer eventually discovered that someone had broken into the tower site off of I-5. Several small copper strips, estimated to be worth only a couple of dollars in scrap, were stolen, but it appears that the process of stealing the miniscule amount of copper may have scared the thieves away. There are black marks from wires that arced inside a metal box at the site, apparently shocking the thieves enough that they dropped the expensive pair of wire cutters used in the theft. This is at least the third such incident that has taken place in the past month or so, with two other local stations also having to replace small amounts of copper wire stolen from transmitter sites. No suspects have been identified.