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Copper Thieves Caught

Posted on 30th September 2015 at 08:58

Jonathan Junior Sanchez, 29, of Kelso and Billie Dawn Raapana, 31, of Longview are under arrest in connection with a copper theft incident in the Toutle area. Around 11:15 yesterday morning, a resident of the Toutle area reported that come copper had been stolen off of his property, and he had followed the suspects to Drew’s Grocery. The suspects got back in their rig and then headed off on South Toutle Road after they were spotted. Deputies kept an eye on the area, and were able to stop the suspects shortly after 1 pm. Sanchez was arrested on charges of third-degree theft, possession of stolen property, forgery, identity theft and driving while suspended. He’s currently being held on bail of two thousand dollars. Raapana is now being held on no-bail Department of Corrections and contempt of court warrants. The stolen material was returned to its owner.