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Council Preview

Posted on 7th December 2017 at 08:53

The Longview City Council meets this evening, starting with a 6 pm workshop on the 2018 Federal Legislative Agenda. The regular meeting is scheduled to start at 7 pm, and will include action on proposed zoning code amendments that are intended to adjust the city’s residential makeup. Following a workshop that was held last summer, the Planning Commission has developed some adjustments to residential zoning codes. City officials say that the amendments deal mostly with high-density residential development. Changes deal with minimum lot size, density, building height, maximum impervious area and design standards. Changes are also proposed for off-street parking requirements, and change that would mostly affect development in commercial districts. The thought is that residential density could be increased if these changes are implemented. The Council is also being asked if the city should continue with the “Big Idea” tourism promotion program; staff says that the “Big Idea” program has been good for the city, and they encourage continued participation. Both the workshop and the regular meeting are open to the public.