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CPS Case

Posted on 6th September 2013 at 16:17

Kelso Police and Child Protective Services are continuing an investigation into a case opened up yesterday morning, when CPS relayed information that a teenage girl may be in jeopardy. Around 8:30 yesterday morning, a local caseworker asked KPD to go to a home in the 900 block of South Pacific, where it was reported that a 13 year-old girl with an infected foot and other medical issues may have been in a hazardous situation. CPS says that the girl’s parents were not at the house, and there was no power. They also relayed information that the girl’s 17 year-old brother was at the home, along with other people, with no adult supervision. When police arrived, they found at least nine people inside the house, including at least two teens listed as runaways. Daniel Paul Rust, 22, was taken into custody on warrants for domestic violence assault and driving while suspended, while Amy Headress, 37, was arrested on a theft warrant. The 13 year-old and another 16 year-old girl were taken in by CPS, but it’s reported that they absconded from custody later in the afternoon. Police have names and descriptions of both girls.