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Crash Investigation

Posted on 24th September 2013 at 15:50

Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Deputies continue to investigate a crash that was discovered early yesterday morning on a Weyerhaeuser road near Kalama. Around 3:45 yesterday morning, a call came into 911, reporting the discovery of a wrecked car on a Weyco bypass road, coming off of the two thousand block of the Kalama River Road. It was also noted that the wreckage was behind a locked gate. When Deputies arrived, they found a heavily-damaged vehicle that apparently had hit several trees. No one was around, and it was also noted that the car had been there for some time. It was noted that the gate to the road had been locked on Friday, but a contractor may have been in the area on Saturday. Further checking of the area shows that someone had apparently used a fire truck owned by the contractor, and tried to ram the gate and get it to open. The registered owner of the car says that a friend had been driving it; Deputies have not yet been able to contact that person.