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Dance Center Sold

Posted on 27th May 2011 at 08:57

The possible sale of the building that’s now used as the Longview Square Dance Center is moving ahead, with the City of Longview also pledging to work with the Square Dance group to find them another place to do-si-do. At last night’s City Council meeting, City Manager Bob Gregory says that he can’t make any guarantees, but he does pledge to try and find another place for the group. PNE Construction is offering $307,000 for the building now used by the Square Dancers, nearly double its assessed value. PNE says that they’d like to use the building and surrounding area for storage of trucks, equipment, materials and as a “lay-down yard.” They say that the storage will benefit several local businesses. After hearing concerns from the dancers, the City Council is urging that their needs be heard and accommodated; they’re also asking that steps be taken to try and preserve the special “floating floor” that’s in the building. Gregory says that they’ll do what they can, even consulting with PNE to see how the floor might be disassembled and moved. Provisions are also being made to keep the building up for two large events planned for this summer and early fall. It’s planned that the deal will close at the end of September, with PNE taking possession on November first.