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Death for Thomson

Posted on 20th December 2013 at 16:37

The San Bernardino County jury that found John Wayne Thomson, 53, guilty of murder, mayhem and robbery in the August, 2006 stabbing and beating death of Charles Hedlund of Lucerne Valley now says that Thomson should pay for that crime with his life. The death penalty recommendation was announced yesterday morning, with formal sentencing set over to Friday, February 7th. Cowlitz County Prosecutor Sue Baur says that they probably wouldn’t be able to begin the process of bringing Thomson back to this area to stand trial for the July, 2006 shooting death of Lori Hamm of Longview until after that date. Baur says that they do intend to prosecute Thomson on a charge of murder in that death; he also is listed as the prime suspect in the death of James Ehrgott of Spokane. He’s believed to have killed Ehrgott and disposed of his body prior to coming to Cowlitz County, where he eventually met Lori Hamm. Her parents, Jerry and Marcia Hamm of Kelso, were in the California courtroom when the sentencing verdict was announced; in today’s Daily News, Jerry Hamm is quoted as saying that he couldn’t think of any other verdict that would have been appropriate, but he also says that “this is no time to celebrate.”