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Destination Imagination

Posted on 28th February 2014 at 16:59

83 kids from Kelso are going to be up at Annie Wright Academy in Tacoma tomorrow, taking part in the Destination Imagination competition. The 3rd through 5th graders are in the district’s “Highly Capable” program; the 83 kids are in 16 teams, taking on challenges in a variety of fields. The challenges are developed by a team of educators and industry experts; this year’s challenges are in Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improvisational and Structural areas. Each team from Kelso also has an adult team “manager”; those people help provide guidance, but each team is required to solve their challenge completely on their own. More than 125,000 students from across the country are involved in the Destination Imagination challenges. Winners at tomorrow’s competition will move on to a state competition in Wenatchee.