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DO Installation

Posted on 11th August 2017 at 09:41

Despite having bids that came in above the Engineer’s Estimate, the City of Longview is moving ahead with the installation of a Dissolved Oxygen Injection system at the Mint Farm Water Treatment Plant. City Manager Dave Campbell says that this system will improve water quality in the system, but it won’t do anything about the silica in Longview’s water. The Dissolved Oxygen system will inject the gas into the water at the Treatment Plant, which tests have shown will help improve the quality of the water, while also reacting with the scale inside the pipe, hardening it and keeping it from leaching into the drinking water. Tapani, Incorporated of Battle Ground came in with the low bid of $874,000, well above the Engineer’s Estimate of $700,000. Public Works Director Jeff Cameron says that’s not unexpected, saying that the bidding climate for jobs like this has changed in recent weeks. The bid has also been approved by the board for the Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District; funding is a bit of an issue, as a loan from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund has been frozen by the lack of a capital budget. As it stand now, the DO system will be paid through funds from the water utilities.