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Dog Rescue

Posted on 4th April 2014 at 16:58

The Longview Fire Ladder Truck was put to use last night, used in the rescue of “Zeeke,” a Golden Lab mix who got stuck on a bluff on Old Pacific Highway south of Kelso. Around 7:30, 911 calls started coming in about a dog that was stuck on the rocks above the Old Pacific Highway, between Bluff Road and Mount Pleasant Road. The callers say that the dog appeared to be injured, and when firefighters arrived, they could see that the dog was scared and limping. A rope rescue team started working its way up above the dog, while a call was also put out for Longview’s 100-foot ladder truck. It was determined that this would be the safest and easiest way to get to the dog, if the ladder would reach. Troy Buzalsky with Longview Fire says that the ladder had plenty of length, with firefighters easily gaining access to “Zeeke.” They put him on a leash, walked him into the bucket and lowered him to the ground. That’s when “Zeeke’s” owner arrived on the scene, reporting that the old dog had been missing for two days, and that they were extremely glad about the rescue, as the family was getting ready to leave on vacation. The entire operation took about an hour; Buzalsky also says that “Zeeke” seemed to enjoy the whole process. He also says that this was an extremely valuable exercise, as this could just have easily been an injured hiker, and helps to prepare local teams for future incidents.