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DOT News

Posted on 31st October 2011 at 08:31

The Washington Department of Transportation now says that the Longview Wye reconstruction project is essentially complete, six months ahead of schedule and considerably under budget. WashDOT officials say that the $45 million project replaces two cramped interchanges that were less than a half-mile apart, with 10 new ramps that will help drivers smoothly and safely transition from I-5 to Tennant Way and Talley Way. The City of Kelso is also excited about construction that will help to open up property south of the Wye for commercial development. A celebration of the project’s early completion is planned for 1 pm tomorrow. WashDOT is also announcing that the Lewis and Clark Bridge painting project is now shut down until the spring. Several sections of the bridge have been completed, but work crews will need to to be suspended during the wet and windy portion of the fall and winter. Several sections of the bridge will remain wrapped in cables, and a height restriction of 16.5 feet will remain in place.