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Dover Standoff

Posted on 28th October 2011 at 08:17

Dontrail Monique Latham, 36, of Longview is under arrest on charges of second-degree assault and felony harrassment, peacefully arrested last night after a six-hour standoff at a home in the 2900 block of Dover. At about 12:35 yesterday afternoon, a woman who identified herself as Latham’s girlfriend called 911, claiming that he’d stomped her head and eye, then threatened to kill her and her family. She also reported that he was armed with a gun, and had said that he “wouldn’t be taken alive.” Officers arrived at the house around 2 pm, then used a public address system to try and call Latham out. They also made several calls on a cell phone and a land line, also with no response. Lower Columbia SWAT was activated, who then started introducing tear gas into the house at about 5 pm. At least 13 tear gas rounds were fired into the house. Neighbors were advised about the situation, and a number of them decided to evacuate. Several others decided to shelter in place. SWAT officers finally entered the house around 8:20 pm, finding Latham in the front part of the house. He surrendered without further incident, and is now being held without bail. It’s noted that Latham has a history of felonies, including several violent incidents. It’s also reported that he has a history of meth use.