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Dozer Dumped

Posted on 29th April 2013 at 16:04

Doward Miller, 62, of Woodland figures to be sore today, but he’s also considering himself to be pretty lucky, after having suffered no significant injuries when the bulldozer he was operating flipped over on top of him. Cowlitz County Deputies and aid personnel from Woodland were called to Miller’s property on Bryant Hill Road a few minutes after 3 yesterday afternoon, when it was reported that Miller’s dozer had rolled over, pinning him underneath. The 911 caller reported that Miller’s chest and legs were pinned. Miller says that he’d been trying to put the bulldozer onto a trailer when it slid off, flipping over and trapping him. Miller was conscious and breathing, and told his son to run up to the house and get a jack. The son returned with a bottle jack, while a neighbor also started digging. As the neighbor and another son continued to dig, Miller was eventually able to wriggle out from underneath the machine. He was checked out, and found to have no serious injuries. Miller tells the Vancouver Columbian that he figures to be at work today, continuing his job at Danish Marine on Hayden Island.