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DUI Drive-Through

Posted on 18th June 2014 at 16:11

A 21 year-old Kelso woman who already had warrants for DUI and driving while suspended is under arrest on similar charges, and is also facing additional counts after an incident that took place on Monday at the Kelso Jack in the Box. It’s alleged that Sarah Ann Godfrey did about $18,000 damage outside of the restaurant when she careened around the drive-through of the building. Employees claim that Godfrey backed up in the drive-through, bouncing over a curb and going into a water meter and some shrubbery. Kelso Police also claim that Godfrey’s car clipped the menu board, nearly knocking it off of its metal mount. They say that Godfrey tried to leave the scene, fighting with and trying to bite the employees who held her until Officers arrived. Along with the DUI and driving while suspended counts, Godfrey is being held on charges of fourth-degree assault, criminal impersonation and first-degree malicious mischief. She’s also being served with Longview warrants for DUI and driving while suspended. Her bail totals $52,000.