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Dynamite Discovery

Posted on 17th April 2013 at 16:09

A Toledo man made a remarkable discovery on his property on Monday, uncovering a partially-buried crate that turned out to contain approximately 300 bricks of dynamite. The man called the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office around 8 pm Monday night, after he’d discovered the crate while walking on some property in the 100 block of Spotted Doe Lane. The crate was marked “U. S. Military,” and contained a large number of yellow bricks. The man took about eight of the bricks back to his house, and contacted Deputies. They confirmed that the material was dynamite, and was found to be in “very stable” condition. Bomb technicians removed the crate for disposal yesterday morning. It’s speculated that the explosives belonged to a 56 year-old man who died in 1998 in an accidental explosion on some nearby property. At that time, neighbors reported that the dead man worked in the explosives industry, and had access to large amounts of explosive material. They also say that he had a habit of hiding or burying dynamite in different spots around his large farm. Back in ’98, the property had been searched and several boxes were removed, but it was always speculated that there might be more material hidden or buried.