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E-Mail Scam

Posted on 29th October 2013 at 15:26

Cowlitz County Treasurer Kathy Hanks is out with an alert, saying that someone is trying to scam local residents through e-mail. Hanks says that several reports have come in, reporting that false e-mails are being circulated to local residents, asking for payment of “past due” Cowlitz County property tax bills. Hanks says that the e-mails may have an account number that appears to have been derived from a Cowlitz County parcel number that relates to payment of a property tax bill. She says that the e-mails did not originate from Cowlitz County, nor are they authorized by the Treasurer’s Office. Hanks says that her office is evaluating the use of e-mail notifications, but these current messages are fraudulent. She says people need to closely review any e-mails that solicit payments, mentioning the Treasurer’s Office or any other county office. On-line tax payments can be made securely through, which is linked through the Cowlitz County website.