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EconoLodge Action

Posted on 28th February 2014 at 17:05

There was quite a show last night at the EconoLodge Motel on North Pacific Avenue in Kelso, as Kelso Police worked to arrest a possibly-armed man in one of the units at the motel. Just before 6 pm, KPD got a tip that Jeremy Lewellyn LeBeau, 31, of Longview was in one of the units. The caller reported that LeBeau was wanted on a felony warrant, and may have been armed. The caller didn’t know exactly which room LeBeau was in, saying that it was in between rooms 114 and 120. Officers cordoned off the area, and worked to evacuate the rooms around that area, including rooms on the second floor. They also made public address calls to try and get LeBeau to surrender on his own. Traffic on North 1st, Crawford and Columbia was shut down, and Lower Columbia SWAT was alerted. Shortly after 7 pm, detectives learned that LeBeau was in room 116, and attempted to call the room. A second attempt was made as SWAT was preparing to activate; LeBeau gave himself up around 7:30 pm. He’s now being held on a Department of Corrections warrant, along with DUI and driving while suspended charges. It’s not known if he was armed.