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EGT Confrontations

Posted on 30th August 2011 at 07:40

One of the ILWU members who’ve been picketing the entrance to the EGT grain terminal is under arrest on a charge of second-degree malicious mischief, while the Prosecutor’s Office also reviews video tape to see if a contract worker at the facility should also be charged. At about 6:50 yesterday morning, EGT security called 911, reporting that contractors attempting to enter the property were being blocked by picketers. It’s alleged that Scott Le Roy Mitchell, 40, of Kelso had dented the rear passenger door of a Prius that was entering the facility, doing an estimated $1,400 damage. Mitchell was arrested on a charge of second degree malicious mischief, and is currently being held without bail. A little later in the morning, union officials provided a video tape to the Sheriff’s Office, reportedly showing a gold Chevy Suburban entering the property, shoving picketers to the side as it went inside. Two union members claim that they were hit, with one taken to St. John Medical Center to get treatment for a bruised knee. That tape is now being reviewed to see if assault charges should be filed. The International Longshore and Warehouse Union has been picketing the terminal for several weeks, protesting EGT’s refusal to use ILWU members to staff the facility. EGT claims that they are not bound by a contract with the Port of Longview, requiring the use of ILWU members at their facilities. A court hearing on a lawsuit regarding that claim will be heard next year.