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EGT Letter

Posted on 29th September 2011 at 08:33

EGT is working to tell its side of the story in this dispute, sending out a blast e-mail to “Community Leaders, Friends and Neighbors” earlier this week. In the letter, EGT CEO Larry Clarke says that he knows that this dispute has had a “big impact” on the local community, and he says that they had no idea that things would get to this point. He talks about the lease that was signed with the Port of Longview, claiming that the project would have huge economic benefits to this area. He directly disputes the claim that EGT is bound by the Port’s agreement with the ILWU, saying that they had the language regarding labor requirements stricken from the final lease agreement. He also claims that the Port signed that final lease agreement. He claims that the Port’s current position is “unsupportable,” and that EGT is NOT contractually obligated to engage with the ILWU in a labor agreement. He also contends that they did meet with the ILWU, but the union made unreasonable demands during those talks. Clarke notes that the issue is now in front of a judge in Tacoma. Port of Longview Executive Director Ken O’Hollaren says that they have no comment on Clarke’s e-mail, other than to say the issues discussed will be sorted out in Federal court. It was also disclosed in separate information that oral arguments regarding a motion for summary judgement in the case will be heard this Friday at 1:30 pm by U. S. District Court Judge Ronald Leighton.