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Elder Fraud

Posted on 28th December 2011 at 08:53

Shari Brentin, 47, of Woodland is being accused of bilking more than $10,000 from an elderly woman. Today’s Daily News reports on the charges being leveled against Brentin, the wife of former Woodland Fire Chief Tony Brentin. Woodland Police say that the case got started on the 7th of this month, when bank managers noticed that the victim withdrew ten thousand dollars from her account. Prior to that, she’s never taken out more than $100 at a time. When questioned, the victim supposedly said that she’d given the money to Brentin, to pay veterinary bills for her cat. She claims that Brentin had told her that the vet would kill the cat unless she came up with the money. When Shari Brentin was questioned, she reportedly admitted telling the story to get the money, using about $8,000 to pay personal bills. Last Friday, Brentin was booked into the Cowlitz County Jail on one count of first-degree theft, three counts of obtaining a signature by deception or duress, and two counts of first-degree criminal impersonation. Yesterday, a judge found probable cause to charge Brentin with first-degree theft, releasing her on her own recognizance.