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Election Finale

Posted on 28th November 2011 at 08:45

There’s a 5 pm deadline today for voters in Woodland who’ve had their ballots challenged by Cowlitz County Elections to get those issues resolved, and have those votes count in the still-undecided City Council race between Scott Perry and Robert Ripp. Currently, Perry leads Ripp by just a single vote, 569-to-568. Elections Supervisor Carolyn Myers tells the Daily News that they have seven “challenged” ballots that could still be counted; those ballots either don’t have a signature, have the wrong signature, or a signature that doesn’t match voting records. Myers says that letters have been sent to each of the registered voters connected to those ballots; she’s also been trying to contact those voters by phone. If the ballots aren’t corrected by 5 pm today, they’ll be rejected. These seven ballots are critical; an automatic recount would be triggered unless Perry collects five or more of those votes. The timeline is also short, as this year’s election must be certified by tomorrow. If the two candidates end up tied after the recount, then the race would be decided by a coin flip.