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Election Results

Posted on 6th November 2013 at 04:55

The first run of ballots for the 2013 General Election is in, looking like we’ll have some new faces on several elected panels. On the Longview School Board, C. J. Nickerson currently has a lead of nearly 40 percentage points over incumbent Jerry Stinger. Incumbent James Campbell failed to make the General Election ballot; in the race for his seat on the Longview School Board, J. D. Rosetti leads James Mossman by nearly 12 percentage points. Larry Hembree will also take the Kelso School Board post that Joan Tolby is vacating.

In the Longview City Council races, Incumbent Chet Makinster leads former Council member Chuck Wallace by 1.5 percent, while incumbent Steve Moon has an 18-point lead over Janice Barerra. On the Kelso City Council, incumbent Dan Myers has a lead of just less than four points over Dan Jones. There will be one new face on the Kelso Council, as Kim Lefebvre chooses not to run again; her seat will be taken by Jared Franklin.

On the Woodland City Council, J. J. Burke leads challenger Jerry Peterson by nearly four percentage points. Incumbent Castle Rock School Board member Gayle Baker trails challenger Andy Ogden by more than 14 points, and incumbent Beacon Hill Sewer District Commissioner Ted Branch trails challenger Bonnie Decius by ten percentage points. In the contested Cowlitz-Lewis Fire Protection District 20 Commission race, incumbent Terry Williams has a lead of nearly six points over Scott Horton.

It wasn’t a good night for the levy measures; Silver Lake Cemetery District voters are rejecting a proposed levy that would pay for land to be used for the cemetery’s expansion, with only 46 percent saying “yes” to that measure. Voters in Columbia County are also rejecting a jail operations levy, with only 41 percent approval of that measure. Full details of all of tonight’s voting is available on the Cowlitz and Columbia county elections websites.