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Election Results

Posted on 8th November 2017 at 08:58

The $121.4 million bond measure that the Longview School District ran on last night’s General Election ballot is in danger of failing, coming up five percentage points short of the 60 percent approval needed after last night’s initial ballot run. Longview Superintendent Dan Zorn says that they remain hopeful that things will turn around as the late ballots come in. The bond measure currently lead by about 650 votes, an approval rate of just over 55 percent. Bond measures in Washington require a supermajority of 60 percent to pass.

In the Longview School Board races, C. J. Nickerson easily won re-election, more than doubling the vote total received by his challenger, Joseph Hobson. Nickerson got 4,099 votes in last night’s tally, while Hobson received 1,976. Longview Fire Chief Phil Jurmu is your newest Longview School Board member, as he currently has a lead of more than 20 points over Norma McKittrick; they were running for the seat that JD Rosetti is leaving.

Howard Sharples defeated Allen Warner for a Kelso School Board position, with nearly 60 percent of the vote, while Sue Dennis-Langham also got nearly 60 percent in the Kalama School Board race against Bruce Rader.

Incumbents Chet Makinster and Steve Moon will return to their seats on the Longview City Council, as both coasted to easy victories last night. Makinster got more than 60 percent of the tally in the race against Diane Quast, while Moon got more than 56 percent of the vote in his contest with Amber Rosewood. MaryAlice Wallis will replace Mary Jane Melink on the Longview City Council, as she picks up nearly 67 percent of the vote in her race against Megan Richie.

Kim Lefebvre is going back to the Kelso City Council, as she holds off a challenge from former Council member Gary Archer. Former Cowlitz County Commissioner Mike Karnofksi has a new gig, as he defeats Lisa Knight Alexander by nearly 20 percentage points. We do have one actual race on the Kelso City Council, as only 16 votes currently separate Jeffrey McAllister and Dan Vanelli. McAllister leads Vanelli, 459-to-443.

Mike Reuter is leading in the race to become Kalama’s Mayor, leading Rosemary Brinson Siipola 256-to-214. Kalama voters are also turning a thumbs-down to funding for a new police station, with only 38 percent of voters coming out in support of that project.

Four Woodland City Council seats were contested; Janice Graham leads Jennifer Heffernan by 13 points for one Woodland City Council seat, while Carol Rounds has a 26-point lead over DeeAnna Holland for another Woodland Council position. Dave Plaza has a lead of five points over Nate Cook, and Benjamin Fredericks has a ten-point lead over Jeffrey Heffernan.

Woodland’s ballot measures were up and down. Voters rejected funding for a new community center and swimming pool, with only 44 percent approval on that measure. The EMS levy for Fire District 1 got great support with nearly 74 percent approval, but a measure for pay for additional police officers is failing right now, with only 49 percent “yes” vote. The measure to create and fund a Transportation Benefit District also went down to defeat, with only 46 percent approving.

Castle Rock’s Library levy is once again getting good support, but it’s also in danger of failing to validate for the second time in a row. Only 319 votes were counted last night, and 387 are needed to validate the election. The vote could still be valid if the measure can get more than 232 yes votes, which would be 60 percent of the number needed to validate. Right now, the measure has 225 votes, just seven short with ballots remaining to be counted. Voters in Castle Rock also say that they prefer that a new middle school site be next to the high school, rather than the elementary school, with nearly 62 percent preferring the high school location in last night’s advisory vote.

Doug Averett wins re-election to the Longview Port Commission as he leads Kent Preston by 15 percentage points, Scott Neves gets nearly 86 percent of the vote in a Cowlitz 2 Fire Commission race over Curtis Hart, and Jim Kellar has a scant three-point lead over Dean Boon for a seat on the District 1 Fire Commission. Dan Belding has a 28-point lead over Chris Sweet for a seat on the District 2 Fire Commission in Toutle.