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Election Results

Posted on 14th February 2018 at 08:42

Backers of school bonds in Kelso and Kalama are cheering this morning, as it appears that both measures are going to pass. Kelso’s $98.6 million bond measure is currently receiving nearly 65 percent approval, while the $63.4 million bond in the Kalama School District received more than 63 percent approval after the first ballot run. Bond measures need a supermajority of 60 percent to be approved.

Local school levies also did well, with all four districts getting strong support. Longview’s Maintenance and Operations Levy got more than 59 percent of last night’s tally, as did the district’s Capital Projects and Technology Levy. Kelso’s M-and-O Levy got nearly 68 percent approval, Kalama got more than 69 percent support for their levy, and the Castle Rock Levy received more than 68 percent approval.

The news was not so good in the Toledo School District, as the fourth try at passing a bond has gone down to defeat. The $12.2 million measure for construct, renovate and improve school facilities in the Toledo School District got only 51.33 percent of the vote, considerably short of the 60 percent needed for passage. Winlock’s Replacement Levy is well over the 50 percent needed to pass that measure, with more than 58 percent approval. The Winlock Schools Capital Project Levy is also passing, with more than 57 percent “yes” votes. Updated numbers should be out by 7 pm this evening.