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Election Update

Posted on 7th November 2013 at 17:04

Updated General Election numbers are out from Cowlitz County, and we have some close races that are getting even tighter. Dan Jones had a lead of 37 votes over incumbent Kelso City Council member Dan Myers on Tuesday night; that lead has now shrunk to 14 votes. Ray Teter widened his lead for a Castle Rock City Council seat, but he still leads Justin Stennick by only 20 votes.

J. J. Burke lost some ground in his Woodland City Council race with Jerry Peterson, going from Tuesday’s margin of 62 votes to 41 votes in this latest county. Castle Rock School Board member Gayle Baker also lost more ground in her race with Andy Ogden; that differential was 180 votes Tuesday night, and is now up to 202 votes. Bonnie Decius is widening the gap in that Beacon Hill Sewer District race with incumbent Ted Branch, going from an initial margin of 96 votes to 137 votes in the latest tally.

Chet Makinster picked up a bit over Check Wallace in the run for a Longview City Council seat, going from 67 votes on Tuesday night to a 104-vote lead last night. Steve Moon also widened his lead over Janice Barrera, going from a 803-vote lead to a margin of 1,085 votes. C. J. Nickerson lost some ground to Jerry Stinger in one Longview School Board race, but still leads the incumbent by nearly three thousand votes. J. D. Rosetti also picked up some ground on James Mossman, going from a margin of 673 votes on Tuesday to 747 votes yesterday.