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Electrical Explosion

Posted on 7th January 2014 at 16:58

There was a bit of a show next to Kessler Elementary School yesterday morning, as some electrical equipment on a pole near the school started smoking, and then eventually exploded. Longview Fire crews were dispatched to 18th and Delaware at about 11:15 yesterday morning, after smoke was seen at the top of a PUD pole. Firefighters set up a safety zone around the pole, also notifying the PUD. The smoke was sent to intensify over the next few minutes, and at about 11:30 am, an explosion was heard, a sound said to be the equivalent of a stick of dynamite. A small fire was seen after that explosion, but firefighters say that it self-extinguished. PUD crews arrived a short time later, taking over the scene. They spent just over an hour making repairs, eventually restoring power to one customer that had their power knocked out. Fire officials say that this shows how important to report “unusual” situations; they say someone walking by or a child on the nearby playground could have been injured by debris from the explosion.