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Emerald Kalama

Posted on 28th June 2011 at 08:19

Labor issues continue at the Emerald Kalama Chemical plant, as members of local 747-C of the International Chemical Workers Union await the results of a contract vote that was conducted last Friday. The 72 members of local 747-C voted Friday on a new contract offer from the company, on the last day of a contract extension with the company. The last contract between Emerald Kalama and the ICWUC expired back in May. On the union’s website, they say that local 747-C is in “the fight of its life” with Emerald Kalama, also noting the ongoing labor battle that’s going on at an Emerald Chemicals plant in Henry, Illinois. Teamsters represent the workers at that plant, and they’ve been locked out since March. Local 747-C members authorized a strike back in May, after the original contract ran out, but remained on the job under the contract extension that ran out on Friday. The results of last Friday’s voting haven’t yet been released.