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Epic Fail

Posted on 18th April 2017 at 08:57

What started as an apparent social media prank isn’t going so well for some Longview teens, with one now under arrest, while the Longview School District works to calm community fears. Late last night, calls started coming into the Longview Police Department, after phots showed up on Facebook and Snapchat, supposedly showing a teenage male holding what appeared to be sub-compact rifle, with the caption “Don’t go to school tomorrow (markmorris)”. They say that the photo was taken by a second person, who also appeared to be holding a pistol. Police were able to identify both people involved with the photo; they questioned a 14 year-old male who reportedly admitted to taking the photo. The teen says that there was no intent to harm Mark Morris or anyone at the school, but he did admit to sending the photo as a joke to 31 friends on Snapchat and Facebook. The teen was arrested on a charge of Threats to Bomb or Injure a Public School, and is now being held in the Cowlitz County Juvenile Detention Center. The teen that was holding the gun in the picture says that he had no knowledge of the caption that was posted; he was eventually released. The realistic-looking pellet guns that were in the photos were also seized, as both juveniles and their families are cooperating with police.

Longview School District officials say that they plan to have a normal schedule, with extra security today at Mark Morris; an e-mail is going out to Mark Morris parents, along with separate postings on the Longview School District web page, and on their Facebook page.