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Equachlor Suit

Posted on 28th July 2010 at 07:19

Equachlor has lost a three-year legal battle with Cowlitz County, as a Superior Court Judge rules that the county’s assessment of their new equipment was proper. Speaking to the County Commissioners, Chief Civil Prosecutor Ron Marshall says that last Friday’s decision helps to show County Assessor Terry McLaughlin and his office are working hard to get things right. The case goes back to 2006, when Equachlor built some new facilities on their land that they lease from Weyerhaeuser. McLaughlin’s office put a value of $69 million on the completed equipment, an assessment that wasn’t challenged until 2008, when the company paid its tax bill under protest. They filed suit the next year, asking for relief, going back to 2006. If the company had been successful in its lawsuit, the county would have had to refund about $1.5 million in property tax payments, having to raise that money from all of the other taxpayers in the county. A rough estimate put that bill at about $46 per household. Officials with Equachlor say that they’re still reviewing the decision, and haven’t yet decided if they’ll file an appeal.