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Escape Miscue

Posted on 7th May 2018 at 09:15

A Longview Police Officer used a ladder to rescue a 13 year-old girl as she was hanging out of a bedroom window last Friday evening, as the girl was apparently trying to evade her friend’s father. At about 5:45 last Friday evening, a family called to report that their 13 year-old daughter was missing; they say that this was extremely out of character, and they didn’t think that she had run away. An officer went to a friend’s home to see if the girl might be there; when he talked with a friend, the girl said “she’s hanging out of a window around the corner.” The officer walked around to see the girl hanging out of a second-story window, with her toes on the ledge while being held by two 13 year-old friends. The officer was able to find a ladder; with the help of another person, they were able to get the girl hoisted up. When questioned, the girls said that they were “scared of dad,” as they weren’t supposed to have friends over. Police say that there were no signs of abuse or neglect; no injuries were reported, and no charges are being filed.