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ESS Move

Posted on 18th June 2014 at 15:59

The celebration is under way as the Emergency Support Shelter makes its move from Kelso to Longview, moving from its overcrowded facility next to the County Administration Building to a former motel facility on 11th Avenue. An open house was held at the new building on 11th Avenue yesterday afternoon. Executive Director Sherrie Tinoco says that they’re moving from a building that could house 34 people in eight rooms and four bathrooms to one that has 16 rooms and 64 beds, each of those rooms having its own bathroom. Tinoco says that each room will house one family, helping to improve the privacy of each client, a factor that has been proven to help victims of domestic abuse succeed later on. The purchase of this new building is put at about $500,000, and donations to help pay for the building are still being taken. This Saturday, volunteers from the Cowlitz AmeriCorps Network will help move the Shelter from Kelso to Longview; volunteer gardeners will also be working to prepare garden beds that will allow clients to grow their own vegetables. It’s anticipated that the new facility will begin accepting clients in the middle of next month.