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Excavator Stolen

Posted on 28th February 2017 at 09:03

The Sheriff’s Office is out with a public appeal, looking for help in finding $40,000 excavator that was stolen Friday night from a business outside of Kelso. Chief Criminal Deputy Charlie Rosenzweig says that the Kubota excavator was stolen from Spencer’s Trucking and Excavating, located at 2780 Pacific Avenue, just north of Kelso. They say that the model KX121-3 “Super Series” excavator has rubber tracks, along with a bucket that had a “thumb” on it. The theft happened some time between the close of business on Friday and before daylight Saturday morning. The machine has a custom logo on the side, with the company name in blue and white writing. It’s also noted that the suspect shot the lights out before leaving. If you have information on this case, call the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office at 577-3092 and leave a message with Deputy Aguilar. Refer to case A17-593.