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Explosive Scheme

Posted on 23rd July 2013 at 15:58

Harry A. Reynolds, 55, of Kelso is under arrest, after his ex-wife claimed that he had held her against her will, and was planning to blow up his South Kelso house with both of them inside. Around 4:40 yesterday afternoon, the woman showed up at the Kelso Police Department, saying that she’d just been able to escape from the house in the 900 block of South 5th Avenue. She says that Reynolds was upset over their recent divorce, and was going to blow himself up. They say that he had emptied at least one five-gallon propane tank into the house; it’s also claimed that he lured her into the house, and tried to ignite the gas while blocking her exit. She was able to escape and contact police. When officers arrived at the house, they found a hose going from a tank into the house. Reynolds was arrested without incident and the propane tank was secured. He’s now being held without bail on charges of felony unlawful imprisonment, first-degree domestic violence assault and felony harassment.