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Explosives Destroyed

Posted on 30th April 2014 at 15:46

A barn on some property near Winlock was deliberately burned to the ground yesterday, after the property owner reported finding old and deteriorated explosives in the old building. This took place on a farm in the 100 block of Hart Road, after the property owner reported finding the explosives as he was cleaning out the barn. The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office says that the barn was several decades old, and that the explosives had been stored there for many, many years, prior to the current property owner taking possession. The State Patrol Bomb Squad was called in the check the scene, and they determined that due to the extreme deterioration and volatility of the materials, burning them in place was the safest method of disposal. At around 11:40 yesterday morning, the Winlock Fire Department conducted a controlled burn of the building, a process that took about 20 minutes. Sheriff Steve Mansfield says that while types of incidents are uncommon, this property owner did the right thing by leaving the area and contacting the authorities.