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Facilities Study and Survey

Posted on 23rd July 2013 at 15:57

It checks in with 13 chapters and nearly 400 pages, but the long-awaited Facilities Study and Final Survey of the Longview School District is finally complete and available for examination. The Longview School Board spent more than two hours going over the report yesterday evening; Board President Jerry Stinger says that one of the main messages that he gets is that the district clearly has too much empty space right now…facilitiesreport…Consultant Scott Rose with the Portland-based DLR Group says that looking at the report through “three different lenses,” the data clearly shows that the district should be considering consolidation to help deal with its current space issues. The full report is now available on the Longview School District website, along with the links to public comment opportunities. Also, the District plans to add “Frequently Asked Questions” to the Facilities Study section of their website, responding to questions and concerns being raised during the ongoing public outreach efforts that are currently under way. District officials say that those “FAQ” should be up on their website later this week.