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Fake Dog

Posted on 13th November 2013 at 16:57

The owner of a pit bull that attacked and seriously injured a five year-old Longview boy in August of last year is in more hot water, after a Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge determined that the dog she turned over to authorities is NOT the dog that was involved in the attack. Back in September, Kimberly Vasquez, 40, pleaded guilty to a dangerous dog attack and forgery; she admitted to owning the dog that attacked and seriously injured the boy, and also admitted that she presented a bogus rabies vaccination form to the Humane Society. The boy had to undergo rabies treatments. Vasquez was sentenced to 90 days in jail, but that sentencing was delayed when rumors surfaced that the dog she had surrendered for euthanizing was not the dog involved in the attack. On Tuesday, Superior Court Judge Marilyn Haan held Vasquez in contempt of court, and says that she will remain in jail until she produces the correct dog. Her previous sentence will not begin until that dog is surrendered. It’s reported that she gave the original dog to her son, who apparently has hidden the animal.