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Farming Ordinance–

Posted on 26th March 2010 at 08:09

It’s not a completely done deal yet, but it looks like the Longview City Council is close to adopting a zoning change that would allow expanded sales of agricultural products in certain areas of the city. Mayor Kurt Anagnostou says that he’s aware that this discussion is focused on Bonnie Doble’s property off of Pacific Way, but he says this measure might also help to preserve the New Deal-era “Sustainable Farming” lots out in the CVG area. The Council once again re-visited the issue of agricultural product sales in certain residential areas, after the Mayor and Council member Ken Botero signed on to a proposed amendment to the zoning code. Under the proposal, owners of lots that are two acres or larger in size that are growing and selling produce would be able to support those offerings by bringing in produce from outside vendors, not to exceed 50 percent of their annual output. Backers of the change say that it will help make more fresh produce available in neighborhoods, and will also encourage “buying local.” Opponents say that the change is opening the door to having commercial activities in residential areas. After more than an hour of discussion and citizen input, the Council voted 4-3 to direct City Attorney Marilyn Haan to develop a draft ordinance that would allow the expansion. It’s planned that the ordinance will be in front of the Council at their meeting on April 8th.