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Felony Eluding

Posted on 28th November 2014 at 08:41

DUI and felony eluding charges are being filed against Kyle Jesse Harding, 23, of Kelso, after he allegedly was involved in a high-speed pursuit early Wednesday morning. Kelso Police say that an officer was directing traffic around a car crash on Kelso Drive at about 1 am on Wednesday, when an SUV sped past the crash site, nearly hitting the officer. They say the driver went through a ditch and a field before getting back on the roadway and speeding off. Speeds got up to 90 miles an hour before the driver crashed near the intersection of Russell Street and Coweeman Drive. It’s reported that Harding tried to walk away from that crash site, but was arrested after a brief foot chase. It’s claimed that Harding had a blood alcohol level of point-246, more than three times the legal limit. He’s being held without bail at this time.