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Fibre Talks

Posted on 30th August 2010 at 07:19

It’s planned that negotiators for Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging and AWPPW local 153 will be back at the bargaining table today. The union reportedly presented a counter-offer to the company on Friday, following the rejection of the company latest offer earlier in the week. It’s also expected that Fibre officials will make another offer today. The Daily News reports that the main sticking points at this time deal with health care benefits for both employees and retirees, along with employees’ pension plans. AWPPW area representative Ken Smith tells the paper that they’re getting closer on the issue of compensation. The union has been working under the old contract since it expired on May 31st of last year, and has served notice that they could strike. Smith says that they’re planning to continue working at this time. After years of losing money, Longview Fibre is once again turning a profit, and workers say that they’re entitled to a portion of those profits. A company spokesperson says that they have to be able to have a contract that’s consistent with the competition, to be able to keep the company on a competitive footing. Neither side is releasing any information about their latest offers.